10 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

winter 2In Lake Arrowhead, as in many mountain communities, some people bury their heads in the snow, waiting for spring to arrive. But if you want to sell your Lake Arrowhead home, don’t follow suit. While there are admittedly fewer buyers in cold winter months, there is also a lot less competition. Also, since your Lake Arrowhead house was designed with weather in mind, you should take the opportunity to showcase just how beautiful it is in a winter wonderland. So, now is actually a great time to sell your house— if you follow these 10 tips: (We have provided five tips in this post and will conclude our series next week.)

  1. Showcase winter sport possibilities. Since Lake Arrowhead homes are close to Snow Valley Mountain Resort, call attention to the fact that your house is near a popular ski location. If you own a snowboard or skis, display them inside the house. If not, consider displaying artwork that features ski and snowboard scenes. Your home will sell quickly if buyers can picture themselves taking advantage of nearby winter sports and enjoying snow-capped mountain views.
  2. Let buyers be your guest. Showcase your home in a way that makes potential buyers feel like they are invited guests. Set the dinner table with good china. You might even want to set up an entertaining area that features small snacks and drinks such as cookies and coffee or Doing so will alert buyers to entertaining options. winter
  3. Let the sun shine. Light is more important in the winter months than at any other time of year. So open the shades and let in as much sunlight as you can. Also, keep windows clean to improve buyers’ first impressions. Also important—try to avoid showing your house at night, when ice could create treacherous walkways.
  4. Keep it clean. This tip applies to the outside and inside of your house. The first thing potential buyers will notice is the outside of your house. Unkempt, dirty, cobweb-filled windows and eves could turn off buyers before they ever enter your house. And strong southern light in the winter could reveal grime that otherwise wouldn’t be as noticeable. So dig out your squeegee or hire someone to clean your windows. You might be able to negotiate a cut rate, since winter is a far less popular time to clean windows than spring or summer.
  5. Shovel and salt often. Keeping the sidewalk, driveways, and front steps free of snow and ice is critical to keep prospective buyers safe as they tour your property. Keeping walkways clear will also help make your home appear well-maintained, much like mowing the lawn does in the summer. If you’re not living in the home, or are not home often enough to keep on top of the snow, hire a service to salt and shovel your driveway and walkways.

winter 3Check back next week for the remaining five tips for selling your home in winter. Whether you are buying a first or second home or investing, real estate can be tricky—whether you are buying your first home, purchasing a vacation home, or upgrading from a starter. If you are interested in buying or selling property in Lake Arrowhead, California or the surrounding area, don’t get caught in a Catch 22 — owning two homes or none at all. The Prime Team is the only group of real estate agents in the Lake Arrowhead area who stand by our services by offering a number of guaranteed sales and purchasing programs. So don’t miss a prime opportunity to take advantage of today’s market. We’ll answer all of your questions today, and you’re never under any obligation. Call 1-909-337-7653 and ask for a member of the Prime Team.