Five More Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

winter homePart 2 of a 2-Part Series

In Lake Arrowhead, as in many mountain communities, some people bury their heads in the snow, waiting for spring to arrive. But if you want to sell your Lake Arrowhead home, don’t follow suit. While there are admittedly fewer buyers in cold winter months, there is also a lot less competition. Also, since your Lake Arrowhead house was designed with weather in mind, you should take the opportunity to showcase just how beautiful it is in a winter wonderland. So, now is actually a great time to sell your house– if you follow these 10 tips: (We provided five tips in last week’s post. Click here to read what you missed.) Then, read the following, which concludes our two-part series this week.

  1. Appear meticulous

You may feel awkward about asking potential buyers to remove their shoes or slip on rubber shoe-covers before walking around your home. Don’t worry about it. This request shows buyers that you are picky about maintaining cleanliness. And this impression will shape their opinion of the state of your home, in general.

  1. Keep it warm

Interest and entice buyers by making your home feel warm and cozy. You don’t want people who are looking at your home to shiver while they walk around inside. Set the thermostat higher if you know people are coming to look at the home. Better yet– if you will be there during the showing, set a fire in the fireplace.

  1. Make it look comfortable

Small touches, like a throw blanket or afghan on a sofa and a large folded-over comforter on a bed, can add to the sense of warmth inside a home. Make the buyers see themselves comfortably living in the home.

  1. Use timers on lights

In the spirit of keeping your home well illuminated, set up timers on inside and outdoor lights to make sure your home looks good at dusk and at night. Also, pay attention to the light around the front door, making sure it’s bright enough to seem inviting.

  1. Keep an inviting aroma

The sense of the human body that sellers may neglect most is the sense of smell. Make your home pleasing to the nose by baking cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, or anything with vanilla. Don’t overdo things by using scented candles or incense everywhere – some people are allergic. Also, you wouldn’t want buyers to think you are trying to mask something. If your home suffers from musty odors and pet smells, thoroughly clean those areas and replace or clean rugs and fabrics that may harbor bad odors.

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