How to Quickly Sell Your Home

sold houseFew things are as frustrating as listing your house for sale only to watch it sit on the real estate market for days, weeks, months, even years…without a bite. If you have decided to list your home, whether out of necessity or just because you would like to upgrade, your best case scenario is to sell the property fast. After all; time is money. And the harsh reality is that homes that sit for sale for long periods of time typically sell for much less than their short-run counterparts. So how can you make sure your house sells quickly and for top dollar?

Here are five time-tested tips for rapidly selling your home:

1. Set realistic expectations. Before you start counting chickens before they are hatched, do a little bit of research. You can check on websites like Zillow or Trulia to figure a rough estimate of value. But don’t put too much stock into what you find…particularly if your listing is in an area with lots of variety. Another thing you won’t be able to detect from public information is how long properties sit on the market before generating offers. And as the seller, you will likely be asked to absorb at least some of the closing costs. So don’t make the mistake of estimating too much potential profit. This could leave you disappointed and disillusioned even if your house nets a tidy sum.

2. Ask the right price. The enemy to a quick sale is to ask too much for your home. Of course, many buyers are afraid of leaving money on the table. But if your house is priced to sell and in tip-top shape, you could generate enough interest to start a bidding war. And even homes that are located in low demand areas pique interest when they are offered at bargain prices. One of the most important reasons to hire an experienced listing agent is because professionals have the ability to subjectively evaluate a home’s value. Most owners are unable to separate their own hopes, dreams and needs from the actual value of their property.

3. De-clutter, clean and fix it up. Nothing detracts from value so much as a dirty, unkempt, overcrowded house. So do whatever it takes to de-personalize your property. Remove family heirlooms and photographs so home to help buyers picture themselves in your home. It may be necessary to hire handymen, painters and housecleaners to get your property up to snuff. Consider doing so, as you will likely see a higher return on your investment.

4. Stage it. If you can swing it, hire a professional home staging crew. Studies reveal that staged homes sell faster and for more money than empty buildings or over-crowded properties. Although your home means a lot to you, it may not fit in with the expectations of the average buyer. So making it as attractive, de-cluttered and clean as possible will up your ability to quickly sell.

5. List with the right team. Homes are usually the highest-ticket item anyone sells or buys. So the importance of working with the right team cannot be overstated. The right realtor brings a lot to the table: education, experience, neighborhood knowledge, price guidance, information about market conditions, professional networking, negotiating prowess, paperwork processing, closing questions, confidentiality, and the ability to serve as a buffer between sellers and potential buyers. What’s more, some real estate agencies (such as the Prime Team) actually offer guaranteed sales and purchasing programs. So don’t go it alone.

Real estate investing can be tricky—whether you are buying your first home, purchasing a vacation home, or upgrading from a starter. If you are interested in buying or selling property in Lake Arrowhead, California or the surrounding area, don’t get caught in a Catch 22 — owning two homes or none at all. The Prime Team is the only group of real estate agents in the Lake Arrowhead area who stand by our services by offering a number of guaranteed sales and purchasing programs. So don’t miss a prime opportunity to take advantage of today’s market. We’ll answer all of your questions today, and you’re never under any obligation. Call 1-909-337-7653 and ask for a member of the Prime Team.

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